March 17, 2001

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It seemed like such an ordinary night
2002-09-29, 2:39 a.m.

I don't want to be completely swept of my feet, sometimes I think it would be rather a grand thing to sweep as I'm also being swept...I don't expect that bit to make any sense since it's almost 3am and I'm rather vague anyhow...
I wish someone would go lay on the grass outside with me right now, under the big cloudy mass of sky, under the light tickle of reluctant raindrops.

� starlight ** sunlight �

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Everytime you steal my stuff, a tree burns down somewhere...only you can prevent forest fires.

With an host of furious fancies.. whereof I am commander, with a burning spear and a horse of the wilderness I wander. By a knight of ghosts and shadows...
I summoned am to tourney... Ten leagues beyond the wild world's end, Methinks it is no journey....