March 17, 2001

�� � they�***� shone� ***� like ***� so *** many *** brave *** and ***� weary *** heroes.. *** forever..

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Not an entry-merely ring shouts

Because I am..the lady of the rings:

Do I have a heart? Heh, seems I do since I got in.

Because I was a writer long before Rymer decided to join me and will be long after he has a life completely independant of me.

I will always be an indiepopkid ::grins:: you should be one too.

I know my music collection is superior and I am quite conceited about it..

Thogail Nam Bo Theid Sinn!

Because I spent so many mornings with Calvin and Hobbes and because Rymer and his DeeDee *are* Calvin and Hobbes!

There is a Legendary Pink Dots song titled "I love you in your tragic beauty"..there are some fragile ones in this ring and no reading for the faint of heart..but I shall always be tragic and beauty is something I could not live without anymore than I could live without air. There is beauty even in the darkest night.'s infamous Clix-you know you want me!

� starlight ** sunlight �

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Everytime you steal my stuff, a tree burns down somewhere...only you can prevent forest fires.

With an host of furious fancies.. whereof I am commander, with a burning spear and a horse of the wilderness I wander. By a knight of ghosts and shadows...
I summoned am to tourney... Ten leagues beyond the wild world's end, Methinks it is no journey....