March 17, 2001

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not an entry- Shout outs

So you want a shout out eh?

Welcome to the Autumn Store 2- where you may find all your sundry diary reading needs..some are great, some are funny, some are like a train wreck you just can't avoid watching..also featured in our daily specials are an assortment of lovely music links..


Tears before Bedtime
The Dog's Bollocks

Trouble Breathing
Letters from the windy city
An image formed deformed
Mix tapes!
Norwalk Dayz
The Invisible Man
Forbidden Fruit
You can take it with you
In my life
Sweet Avenue
Grouse in the Sage

Independant journals

Perfect Way
Wicked-the witches brew
Off the Shelf

Diary Reviews
The Diary History Project
Tainted Views-a review site

Train wrecks..ghastly yet I still keep coming back to ogle National Treasure I can't help it, someone this completely full of her self importance just fascinates me to no end.
Tangerine Girl I used to love this one..I still read it occasionally but somehow her attitude towards others on a mailing list we both once belonged to caused the journal to be tainted for me.

Music Shout Outs..
Con Dolore Pretty pretty indie band, show them some love.
Farewell to Forever- Trembling Blue Stars brought to you by the same folks who delighted us with Field Mice and Northern Picture Library. And the nicest folk you would ever be lucky enough to eat breakfast with.
Shinkansen Recordings Remember Sarah Records? This is the other half of that duo...witty updates, great records, and hideous color changes every month..who could want more from a record label?
Emma's House Recordings On it's way to becoming my most adored record label since Edward the nicest of EH is releasing Malory!!
Clairecords Great music and they send their orders like little presents, I love them!!

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